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Board of Trustees Special Meeting Highlights: Approval of the 5-Year Education Plan

2024-2029 Five-Year Education Plan

The Peace River School Division’s Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, May 28 in a special board meeting to discuss and approve the 2024-2029 Five-Year Education Plan. This plan represents the first year the PRSD will publish a five-year plan, instead of a three-year plan.

As discussed during the meeting, the choice to move from a three-year plan to a longer five-year plan was made following the receipt of feedback from the Division’s Administrators who stated a five-year plan would create continuity and stability in their schools, following a period of considerable change due in part to the implementation of the new Alberta Education curriculum.

The areas of emphasis in the new plan remain the same as what the Division published in the previous three-year plan. These areas include literacy, numeracy and inclusion. Moving forward, the plan continues to demonstrate the Division’s commitment to ensuring all students are literate, all students are numerate, and that all students are successful through inclusionary practices.

To view the five-year education plan, click HERE.

May 30, 2024 Board Meeting Highlights Board of Trustees

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