Communications: Working to Engage and Inform

The purpose of Peace River School Division's (PRSD) Communication department is to present clear and concise communications with our school communities, vested individuals and organizations.

Communication practices in the division encompass and support open and transparent two-way communication through various platforms such as face-to-face, written, digital media and online. Currently, the Division most often communicates with stakeholders by email, on our news page, and through social media. For a list of Divisional Social Media pages, click here

To effectively support the work of the Board of Trustees and the Division as a whole, our Communications Coordinator specializes in:

  • Strategic Communication
  • Content Creation
  • Website Support

Media Inquiries

For all inquiries related to our Board of Trustees, Senior Administration, or schools, please contact our Communications Coordinator.

The Peace River School Division Brand

We have all grown up in a world surrounded by brands. On any day, you can see, hear and experience hundreds of brand messages. Some are memorable. Others are not. The best brands communicate to you personally as authentic, distinct expressions of what makes a brand meaningful and significant in your life. 

The PRSD brand identity reflects and amplifies the welcoming, caring and safe nature of our school district. Visual and verbal elements work together to convey the energy and appeal of our schools, using just five words to clearly define what drives our division and school leadership, each teacher and support staff, and every volunteer. At the Peace River School Division, we prioritize Learning together - Success for All. 


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Kristin Dyck

Communications Coordinator

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