Language/Immersion Programs

Learning another language can:

  • improve listening skills
  • improve communication skills in English
  • promote acceptance and valuing of other cultures
  • increase ability to solve problems and think creatively

Parents do not have to speak a second language for their children to enjoy and be successful in an immersion or bilingual program.

French Immersion (K to 12)

The French Immersion program aims to prepare functionally bilingual students - giving them excellent English skills and the ability to comfortably speak and write in French. Students complete the regular Alberta Education curriculum (Language Learning, Math, Science, Social Studies, Phys. Ed., Music, Health, and Art) in French, as well as a regular English Language Arts program

French Immersion programming is available at the following schools in our Division:

School boundary maps outlining the designated French Immersion areas for elementary, junior high and senior high are available on our Transportation Service Areas page.

Mennonite Culture (K to 12)

As a public school with a Mennonite focus, our schools offering a Mennonite Culture program offer classes that reinforce and support traditional Mennonite culture and beliefs. Students gain an appreciation for Mennonite culture through ethnic music, crafts, celebrations, and concerts.

This program is offered at the following PRSD schools:


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