North Peace Commercial Driving Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will you begin accepting students?
  • How many students will be in each class?
  • Have you started a list of interested individuals?
  • Do you have to be a PRSD student to enroll in the MELT program through the Driving Academy?
  • What are the prerequisites for participating in the MELT program?

Find the answers to each of these questions, plus several others, in our FAQ document 

Class 1 Driving Academy FAQ

Class 2S Driving Academy FAQ

About the North Peace Commercial Driving Academy

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The Peace River School Division is excited to announce that they have received collegiate school status for a Driver Training School for Class 1, Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT), and Air Brakes Q Endorsement program.

This Driver Training School will be known as the North Peace Commercial Driving Academy, which represents the program’s partnership between the Peace River School Division and Northwestern Polytechnic.

This project started in November of 2022, when the idea was presented to the PRSD Board of Trustees. The viability of offering a Class 1 Driving School was discussed and information was provided on how it could be structured, the costs it would take to facilitate, and the benefits it would have for the Division and local economy. During this time, it was also explained how this opportunity could positively impact high school completion rates and student enrollment within the PRSD.

In March of 2023, PRSD hosted a town hall meeting to gather information from representatives of local industry sectors who saw value in the potential Class 1 Driver Training School. The response the Division received was overwhelmingly positive. Currently, access to the MELT program is limited, and many saw this as a possibility to fulfill the needs of businesses in local and surrounding communities.

The north relies heavily on the transportation of goods and having Class 1 Drivers is essential to the current market and local industry sectors. Offering this program will make it possible to create a direct path to employment and fill the need of skilled drivers in the area.

The PRSD believes that students who complete the program will be equipped with the confidence, skillsets, and knowledge needed to work efficiently in many different industries throughout local and surrounding communities. 

Now, with approval from Alberta Education, PRSD is eager to continue the next phases of planning and preparing the program to launch in 2024.

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