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Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week

March 14-18 is dedicated to Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week and PRSD is lucky to have so many to be grateful for!

This is an ideal time to acknowledge our substitute teachers and the hours that they contribute to our Division. They play a valuable and necessary role in the education of our students, and we are thankful for their dedication to their profession — especially during this past year.

Being a substitute teacher is just as essential as being a regular teacher and without them, our entire school system would fall behind. Schools are able to provide continuous learning opportunities for their students because of our substitutes’ commitments to their careers, and teachers can trust them to provide a high quality of care within their classrooms while they’re away.

Let’s all take this time to celebrate their contributions to public education and their fundamental roles within our classrooms. Our substitute teachers deserve to be recognized every day of the year and on behalf of everyone at the Peace River School Division, we would like to say THANK YOU to them for all their hard work!

Mar 14, 2022

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