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Special Board Meeting Highlights - February 23, 2022

2022-2025 Capital Plan
Rhonda Freeman, Secretary Treasurer, and John Przybylski, Director of Support Services, presented the 2022-2025 Capital Plan information to the Board. Each year PRSD is required to submit a three-year Capital Plan to Alberta Education. The Capital Plan prioritizes PRSD’s school building projects. Alberta Education announces new school projects in the spring.


Departmental Presentation – Numeracy, Literacy and Collaborative
Jeff Thompson, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Aleeta Ploc, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Supports, Jessica Whelan, Literacy Program Coordinator and Matt Clements, Numeracy Program Coordinator, presented to the Board the Literacy and Numeracy Framework within PRSD and the steps that are being taken to support the goals set by PRSD regarding these programs within schools.


Literacy resources were outlined by Jessica Whelan and intervention planning information was provided, which targets the areas in schools that need to be strengthened. PRSD is continuing to prioritize and create professional development sessions on different components of literacy.


Matt Clements discussed that Numeracy in PRSD has essential outcomes, common scope and sequence, assessment framework and research-based teaching strategies. New this year is the common scope and sequence for grades 4-9. This comes with support for teachers and has universal use for progression of concepts. It supports multi-grade instruction and students who may be changing schools, it’s also more effective and delivered in a timely manner within classrooms. Professional development workshops are implemented before each math unit so that teachers can prepare and target students’ needs. Matt Clements oversees organizing these workshops for divisional teachers.


The Board agreed that it’s important to continue with consistent advocacy for the Division and they are organizing a future advocacy planning day.


FOIP Training with Holy Family Catholic Regional Division (HFCR)

The Board agreed to participate in FOIP training with Trustees of the HFCR Division.


Policy 7- Board Operations - Second Reading

The Board passed the second reading of Policy 7 Board Operations with some updates to the original policy. The revised Policy will be shared on our website for further recommendations from stakeholders.


Policy 8 – Board Committees - Annual Review

The Board conducted their annual review of Policy 8– Board Committees.

Feb 25, 2022

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