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September 19, 2023 Special Board Meeting Highlights

Blue image with PRSD Logo reading "Peace River School Division Special Board Meeting Highlights from the September 19, 2023 Special Board Meeting."

Trustee Concerns 

Board Chair Crystal Owens began the discussion by putting forward a suggested motion for the board to discuss and consider.

During the discussion, Trustee Moise Dion agreed to make the motion presented by Owens authorizing her to oversee the review of queries made by Dion and Trustee Marie Dyck regarding the board election process that took place during a special meeting held on August 28.

The motion indicated that Owens could: instruct legal counsel and consultants as deemed appropriate and necessary to fully review and consider this matter; direct employees to act as a liaison and to seek information and assistance from central operations administration in responding to any information requests; and report back to the Board of Trustees regarding any actions that may come about because of this investigation.

Dion went on to say that he looked forward to having the issue settled in a systematic manner. When the motion was called to a vote, it was passed unanimously.

As this matter is now in the hands of the PRSD’s legal team, no further comment will be made until the matter is resolved.

Sep 21, 2023 Board of Trustees

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