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Regular Board Meeting Highlights - September 15, 2022

New Executive Team
Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, introduced the new PRSD Directors to the Board. Jeff Thompson was introduced as the Deputy Superintendent, Carolynn Fraser was introduced as the Director of Business Services, Evelyn Krol was introduced as the Director of Human Resources, Shayne Pierson was introduced as the Director of Technology Services, and Amanda Bliska was introduced as the Director of Learning Services.   

Provincial Day of Mourning

Monday, September 19, 2022, is the provincial day of mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II per Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta. The Board decided that all Peace River School Division schools will remain open, and classes will continue as scheduled.

Council of School Council Meeting

Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, discussed with the Board possible topics for the upcoming Council of School Council meeting agenda. Topics were gathered to prepare before the November meeting.

Secretary Treasurer Report

Rhonda Freeman, Secretary Treasurer, presented the Board with information regarding PRSD’s year end finances and current budget indicating we are currently in the process of completing the year end and preparing for the annual audit.

Locally Developed Courses  

Jeff Thompson, Deputy Superintendent, provided the Board with a summary of the locally developed courses that were previously requested by PRSD to Alberta Education in June of 2022. Three new courses were requested by PRSD, which included Beading (Elder Chronicles), Smudging (Elder Chronicles), and Tipi Making (Elder Chronicles). The updated course list with the new additions. The Board approved these additions.

Progress on Flag Raising Protocols

Holly Crumpton, Indigenous Education Program Coordinator, provided an update to the Board about the protocols and progress of the flag raising ceremonies for the Treaty 8 flag and the Métis flag within the Peace River School Division. Before moving forward with flag raising, divisional staff are deepening their understanding by participating in a professional development (PD) day guided by the Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta. The Board approved this opportunity for further education and are looking forward to participating in this day alongside various leaders of PRSD.

Early Enrollment Numbers

Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, provided the Board with the early enrollment numbers for each school within the division showing a slight increase when compared to projections.

Departmental Presentation – Communications

Dani Wearden, Communications Coordinator, provided the Board with a presentation about last year’s communication projects within the Division and the upcoming communication goals for the current school year.  She outlined the importance of communication within PRSD and how social media will be utilized to support the Division’s Three-Year Education Plan. 

Policy 4 – Trustee Code of Conduct

The Board conducted their annual review of Policy 4 – Trustee Code of Conduct and no changes were made.

Policy 4 – Appendix – Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions

The Board reviewed Policy 4 – Appendix – Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions, which will be bought back to the October Board Meeting for a first reading.

Trustee Calendar

The Board reviewed changes to the Trustee Calendar for events happening in September and October.

Sep 16, 2022 Board of Trustees

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