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Regular Board Meeting Highlights - November 17, 2022

Annual Education Results Report

Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, presented to the Board the draft 2021-2022 Annual Education Results Report (AERR). The report outlines all education results from the 2021-2022 school year, as well as the targets and strategies that the Peace River School Division (PRSD) has in place for achieving the three education goals. The Board approved the document as amended.

Audit Committee Report & Review of Financial Statements

Rhonda Freeman, Secretary Treasurer, alongside Carolynn Fraser, Director of Business Services, and Brandon Gagnon, Manager of Audit with MNP, presented and reviewed the end of year audited financial statements. The Board approved the financial statements.

 Masters of Education Cohort Convocation Celebration

Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, discussed the Masters of Education Cohort Convocation Celebration happening on November 22. PRSD has 21 staff members graduating in this cohort, and Mr. Murray has been invited to attend and be a part of the ceremony. The Board decided to recognize these staff members at the PRSD Gala in the spring alongside those who have completed their Masters of Education outside of the cohort.

Class 1 Driving School Presentation

Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, and Merlin Lee, Transportation Manager, presented information to the Board about the viability of offering a Class 1 Driving School within the Division. Mr. Lee provided information on how it could be implemented, the costs to facilitate, and the benefits it would have for the Division. Saxon Butte, Principal of Alternative Education, explained that this opportunity could also positively impact high school completion rates. The Board gave approval to further research this endeavor.

Departmental Presentation – Indigenous Education

Holly Crumpton, Indigenous Education Program Coordinator, and Jeff Thompson, Deputy Superintendent, provided the Board with information on how PRSD is building relationships with Indigenous groups, how they are creating more land-based learning opportunities for students, and which strategies are in place to enhance Indigenous student engagement and success. They also explained that Indigenous Education is a priority within the Division, and that PRSD is always looking for more ways to include and support cultural events within each school.

Mental Health Pilot Project

The proposal that PRSD submitted for the Mental Health Pilot Project for extra funding was approved, and Rhonda Freeman, Secretary Treasurer, presented information on what this means for PRSD schools and what the future of mental health supports will look like for PRSD students. With this approval, PRSD will be involved in a 2-year program that will allow all schools within the Division to have a Youth Education Support Worker available on site.

Anti-Racism Committee Update

Trustee Robertson provided an update from the last Anti-Racism Committee meeting. The committee created action plans at the last meeting, which included more PD opportunities, and having the Board participate in future PD opportunities, such as participating in our regional blanket exercise. The group began to draft an Anti-Racism policy. The committee’s terms of reference will be brought to the December Board meeting for consideration.

Policy 4 – Appendix – Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions

The Board passed the second and third reading for Policy 4 - Appendix – Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions.

Policy 9 – Board Representatives

The Board passed the first and second reading for Policy 9 – Board Representatives. 


Nov 21, 2022

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