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Regular Board Meeting Highlights - March 31, 2022

School Year Calendar

Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, presented the draft 2022-2023 School Year Calendar to the Board. Instructional and operational days were outlined, as well as PD Days, holidays, and days in lieu. The Board approved the calendar with changes made to move the November 18th PD Day to November 25th.

2022-2025 Capital Plan

Rhonda Freeman, Secretary Treasurer, discussed the current Capital Plan with the Board. The Capital Plan prioritizes PRSD’s school building projects. John Przybylski, Director of Support Services, presented information about the prioritization of projects on the Capital Plan and how PRSD has received approval for design and construction of the Manning New School Project. With these approvals, the new school for Red Earth Creek has now been moved to number one on the updated Capital Plan. The Board approved the Capital Plan and it will be available on the website soon.

Departmental Presentation - Technology
Shayne Pierson, Manager of Technology Services, provided the Board with a presentation about Information Security within Peace River School Division. He outlined the procedures that are being made to protect the Division’s vital information and the training that all staff are required to take to mitigate risks.

Student Award Presentation

Nevaeh Lundgard from Fairview High School was the award recipient for the 2021 Honoring Spirit: Indigenous Student Awards. Trustee Robertson spoke on the award and highlighted Nevaeh’s actions and contributions that made her stand out as the award recipient. The Board presented her with the award and commended her on her dedication to her culture. Holly Crumpton, Indigenous Education Program Coordinator, Shannon Fraser, Fairview High School Principal, Amanda Olsen, Nevaeh’s Mother, and Carol Ferguson, Nevaeh’s Grandmother, were present alongside Nevaeh.

Student Engagement Survey Results

Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, presented the 3-Year Student Engagement Survey results to the Board. Survey questions were created from PRSD’s goals, and the data will be used to strengthen the Division’s targets. The upcoming student engagement sessions were discussed and will be led and organized with the Board of Trustees on April 26th.

Viability of Small Schools

The Board discussed the Board’s motion from the February 24th regular Board Meeting regarding finding solutions for viability for all small, rural schools within the Division. The Board decided to rescind that motion, and a new motion was made that read, “The board will explore options with stakeholders to strengthen viability for small schools.” The Board plans to collaborate with Administration and Stakeholders of PRSD Small Schools on this initiative.

Solar Panels

Information about a new solar panel program for schools was brought up for consideration by the Board. John Przybylski, Director of Support Services and Jon Ruether, Facilities Manager, presented information about the current use of solar panels in the Division.

Anti-Racism Committee Update

Adam Murray provided an update on the Anti-Racism Committee. The sub committees have presented their progress to the main committee and shared the plan and process for gaining community input.

Policy 7 - Board Operations

Recommendations from legal counsel were discussed and the third reading was deferred to next meeting.

Policy 8 - Board Committees - Second Reading 

The Board passed the second reading with no new amendments. The revised Policies are available on our website for further recommendations from stakeholders.

Apr 1, 2022

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