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Regular Board Meeting Highlights - January 19, 2023

Anti-Racism Committee Update

Trustee Robertson provided updates to the Board about the Anti-Racism Committee. The next meeting is scheduled for February and a Blanket Exercise has been planned for May that the Board will participate in alongside committee members.

Teachers Board Advisory Committee (TBAC) Meeting

The Board discussed topics for the upcoming TBAC meeting on January 26th.

Davis Awards Attendance

Trustee Owens asked to attend the Davis Awards in Peace River to represent the Peace River School Division Board of Trustees. The Board approved this.

Joint Municipalities Meeting

Superintendent Murray went over the agenda for the upcoming Joint Municipalities Meeting on February 1st with Board members.  

ASBA Zone 1 Update

Trustee Robertson joined the Health Professional Recruitment Committee in Zone 1 and provided the Board with details. Terms of reference for the committee have been created and its purpose is to build relationships with stakeholders to ensure Northern Alberta students have access to health initiatives and resources.

Trustee Calendar

The Board discussed upcoming events in their calendars.

Policy 15 – School Closure

The Board reviewed Policy 15 – School Closure. More information will be gathered and brought to the February meeting.

Jan 26, 2023

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