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PRSD Teachers Provide Lessons to Students of Ukraine

Peace River School Division is proud to have multiple teachers in the area step up and provide lessons virtually to students in Ukraine. Teachers who volunteer their time are able to provide 60 minute lessons to various age groups and interact with students face to face over Zoom. 


Group sizes vary from 40 to 300 students at each lesson and our teachers are able to provide topics that are fun and exciting to distract the students from the dangerous regions around them. Due to the time difference, many of our teachers start their lessons as early as 6AM so that they can provide some engaging instructional time to the students in need.


"I had a wonderful time with the kids and it seemed like they enjoyed it a lot! We sang, drew pictures, watched videos about frogs and learned about their life cycles. Seeing their smiles and giggles was priceless," said Heather Mohr, from Grimshaw Public School. 


Having the opportunity to support students while they go through such difficult times has motivated more teachers within the Division to help out, and lessons are being given on a weekly basis. Everyone is feeling grateful for the experience and are happy to help out in any way that they can.


PRSD appreciates their hard work and big hearts, we are so lucky to have such amazing teachers in our area!



Apr 12, 2022

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