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PRSD Students Win Alberta's Great Kids Award

Since 1999, the Great Kids Award honours children and youth who inspire and change the lives of others and who help to build stronger communities. Recipients demonstrate the qualities of resiliency, leadership, determination and strength, and have often overcome a wide variety of challenges to make a positive impact in our communities and province.

By recognizing and sharing their stories, the Great Kids Award aims to inspire all young people to go above and beyond to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

In June 2022, the Alberta government awarded 16 young people the 2022 Great Kids Award for inspiring and changing the lives of others while overcoming challenges and hardships.



Award recipients receive a letter from the Minister of Children's Services, a personalized plaque, and their story featured on www.alberta.ca.

This year, PRSD had two students receive the Great Kids Award, which we are extremely proud of.

Amie Hoffman, 17, from Hines Creek, was awarded this honour because of her strength of character, commitment and drive. Despite facing mental health issues, Amie has continued to focus and stay motivated towards her goals. This year, Amie is completing her last 2 years of high school in one year, which is a great example of her will power and determination. Amie is also known for being committed to giving back to people and animals – on any given day, she can be found coaching a team, collecting bottles, or helping an injured animal. Amie showed her high regard for her peers’ needs when she tore her ACL and continued as team captain, cheering on her team at every event. Her resilience has paid off and after two years of physiotherapy, she is now back to playing basketball with her teammates. Congratulations Amie, you are an excellent role model to everyone within the division!

Hanna MacDowall, 16, from Fairview, received this award due to her positivity, compassion and perseverance. Two years ago, Hanna lived through a traumatizing experience that has left her with PTSD. Despite this, her spirit shines through, and her kindness and determination has been exemplified both in and out of school. Attending school has proven to be difficult at times due to her mental health, but Hanna has continued to show up and do her best each day. As an athlete and assistant coach, Hanna also promotes healthy and active living within her community and school. She has led an initiative to run a school-wide fun run event, including securing grants and sponsorships. This project has taken great leadership and has required Hanna to branch out in new ways. Hanna is an exceptional young woman and a remarkable member of her community. Congratulations Hanna, you have made the division proud!

Jul 21, 2022 Awards and Recognitions

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