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PRSD Board of Trustees celebrate full funding of Red Earth Creek Project


Red Earth Creek, Alta. - The Peace River School Division is excited to confirm that after months of advocacy on behalf of the community of Red Earth Creek, the Division’s request for additional space on the Red Earth Creek School Project has been approved by Alberta Education.

On March 26, Alberta Education confirmed with the PRSD that they had been successful in their request for additional space on this project, which received construction funding earlier this month. The additional space includes two permanent classrooms, negating the need for the planned modular classrooms, additional CTS space, increasing the total instructional space from 142 square meters to 200 square meters, and one additional storage space.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we are celebrating with the students, staff, Division, and community on this huge success. Red Earth Creek School students have not had an adequate school building for some time now. This new school will be a source of pride for the students, staff, and the community for years to come. Specifically, our request for 200 square meters of CTS space was truly a necessity for these students. This amount of space is required to provide quality CTS programming in a space that prioritizes student safety. Now, our students in Red Earth Creek will have opportunities to take part in a variety of CTS programming, just as students in larger centres do.”

Crystal Owens, Board Chair, Peace River School Division 

The approval from Alberta Education for the additional space is conditional upon an agreement between the PRSD and Alberta Education for $250,000 in funding for the school project. This funding agreement is representative of a $150,000 donation from the MD of Opportunity for the Red Earth Creek School Project, and an additional $100,000 from the PRSD. 

“We are so grateful to the MD of Opportunity for their commitment to education in Red Earth Creek. Without their advocacy and financial support, we would not have been successful in our request for additional space. We are also grateful to Lesser Slave Lake MLA Scott Sinclair for understanding that students in small rural schools are just as important as students in larger cities. Thank you MLA Sinclair for amplifying our message that students in small rural schools deserve access to the same resources as students in larger cities. Finally, thank you to the PRSD’s administration and Board of Trustees for never backing away from what you knew our students needed and deserved. Thank you for advocating for the ability to provide our rural students a first-class education experience.”

Crystal Owens, Board Chair, Peace River School Division 

The PRSD also thanks Peace River MLA Dan Williams and Central Peace-Notley MLA Todd Loewen for their advocacy on this project. Together with MLA Sinclair, these MLAs continue to be strong advocates for quality education in the north.


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Kristin Dyck
PRSD Communications Coordinator
780-624-3650 ext. 10154

Mar 28, 2024 Red Earth Creek School

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