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Project Peace Manager Talks Pink Shirt Day

Today, February 28, marks Pink Shirt Day in the Peace River School Division and across the world. This day began in 2007 after a child was bullied in Nova Scotia for simply wearing pink. When some of this child's classmates noticed, it didn't sit well with them and they organized the very first "Pink Shirt Day" at their school the very next day.

Just like those outstanding students, bullying doesn't sit well with the Peace River School Division either. Sandra MacKenzie, mental health capacity building program manager, spoke with Keith Hopper at the Trending 55 Newsroom recently and shared why Pink Shirt Day continues to have an impact across our Division. 

"Anytime students, or anyone in general, decide to be inclusive and accepting...that shows that they're caring and compassionate people," said MacKenzie. "And when people all wear pink shirts, it's sending a message to the rest of the world that, 'Yeah, we're gonna band together. We're not putting up with bullying.'"

MacKenzie went on to say that the conversation around bullying has changed over the last generation. She said that when she went to school bullying wasn't discussed to the same extent it is now.

"Now it's upfront and out in the open," she said.

Part of the reason MacKenzie thinks people are more frequently standing up to bullies is because of increased communication around how bullying can negatively affect mental health.

"Almost all the schools have a very low tolerance for bullying, and all have worked hard to make sure that all the students are feeling included and not subjected to feeling like they're being put down or bullied in any way, shape, or form," Mackenzie said. 

Saying No to Bullying and Choosing Kindness must be an every day action. MacKenzie said that each and every person can improve, and must improve, before bullying is completely eradicated from our communities.

"You know if you have a comment that you feel you have to make, you don't have to make it, keep your comments to yourself. If you see someone being picked on, speak up for that person. If you read something on social media where someone is being put down, don't stand for it," she said.

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Feb 28, 2024 Pink Shirt Day Project Peace

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