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Board Meeting Highlights - January 20, 2022

ASBA Zone 1 Request for Consideration for Action
The Board moved to create an ad hoc committee to discuss the possibility of advocacy regarding the increasing costs and challenges facing School Boards. The ad hoc committee will report back to the Board on any potential advocacy opportunities.



The Board heard from a delegation from Nampa Public School, School Council in support of Nampa Public School and a delegation from parents in Worsley regarding concerns with transportation.



Air Filtration in Schools Related to COVID-19: Presentation by John Przybylski
John Przybylski, Director of Support Services, presented information to the Board about air quality in school buildings regarding COVID 19. In PRSD schools, the systems vary throughout the division, and currently there are a variety of HVAC systems in place. Facilities staff are currently gathering information on all systems to assess the frequency of the air changes per hour (ACH) and MERV ratings of current air filters. Consideration of different air filtration systems is being given, as there are many factors to consider, but PRSD is going to work together on creating better air quality throughout all schools.


Joint Municipalities Meeting – Agenda Discussion
The Board is preparing for their Joint Municipalities meeting where they will be thanking the municipalities for their continued support in CTS training, and PRSD advocacy work regarding wrap-around services. The agenda also includes an update on mental health support in schools, education funding, and the partnership with Grande Prairie Regional College.


Policy 7- Board Operations - First Reading

The Board passed first reading of Policy 7 Board Operations with some updates to the original policy.


Policy 10 – Policy Making - Annual Review

The Board conducted their annual review of Policy 10 – Policy Making.

Jan 25, 2022

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