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Regular Board Meeting Highlights - February 24, 2022

Emails and letters regarding Nampa Public School from community members and societies were available for the Board to consider.



The Board heard from a delegation from the Village of Nampa, Northern Sunrise County Council and Nampa School Council in support of Nampa Public School.


Nampa Public School Information Presentation
Adam Murray, Superintendent of Schools, Rhonda Freeman, Secretary Treasurer, John Przybylski, Director of Support Services, John Ruether, Facilities Manager, and Merlin Lee, Transportation Manager, presented information regarding Nampa Public School’s operations and costs, the Alberta Education Funding Model, and the impact of funding changes, as well as Nampa Public School’s transportation costs, catchment areas and busing boundaries. A history of School Divisions and how they were built in the province was given by Przybylski, as well as how population changes are impacting rural areas in Alberta. Transportation catchment areas for Nampa Public School were explained and busing boundaries were shown. Freeman provided the breakdown of the Nampa Public School enrolment since the 2011/2012 school year to the current school year and explained the enrolment projections for upcoming school years. She also gave information on the former Funding Framework, New Funding Model, the Division’s Weighted Moving Average, the Rural Small School Grant, Historical Budgeting Principles and the PRSD surplus, deficits, and reserves. Nampa Public School costs were outlined under centralized services, instructional costs, plant operations and maintenance, transportation, and a summary of the totals were given.


View the full presentation here.


Policy 15 – School Closure

The Board made a motion to not proceed with the first reading of Policy 15 regarding the consideration of closure of the Nampa Public School. The Board also made a motion to direct staff to bring back solutions for viability of all small schools in the division.

Feb 25, 2022

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