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Grimshaw Bus Driver selected for PRSD's Transportation Award of Excellence

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August 11, 2021 –Congratulations to Julie Stach, Peace River School Division (PRSD) school bus driver chosen for the 2021 PRSD Transportation Award of Excellence. The annual award unique to PRSD celebrates the dedication and commitment of transportation staff.

Julie operates school bus route 49 in the Grimshaw area and will be starting her 13th year as a school bus driver for the division. Julie has been driving route 49 for a total of 12 years, and she also works at Grimshaw Public School as a part-time educational assistant.

“There are so many great drivers in the division and to be selected for this award is such an honour” says Julie. I’m not just ‘driving’ the kids to school, I feel like I am a part of their lives. This is so much more than a job, it is very rewarding and I feel grateful to go to work each day.”  

During the month of June, the PRSD Transportation Department asked the public to weigh in on who they felt was deserving of the award through online submissions. A total of 29 nominations were received for 17 employees, with Julie receiving the most nominations.

Some of the comments from nominations include:

         ● “Julie shows a positive, helpful, and caring attitude by working with parents and students to create a welcoming atmosphere.”
         ● “Julie demonstrates a sense of pride and respect for the learning environment working as an EA at the school as well as driving the school bus and treating students like they all matter.”
         ● “Julie is a role model for co-workers and others by setting a standard that meets all requirements and assists others selflessly.”
         ● “Julie ensures that she has a personal connection with all the students and families on her route. She is enthusiastic and excited to see the student from her bus no matter where they meet.”
         ● “Julie conveys the importance of learning and caring for each other. She encourages students to show up and support each other. She is a reliable connection that can be counted on by students and families.”

Julie was presented with the award during a special ceremony at Central Operations in Grimshaw on August 11, 2021. Incoming Superintendent Adam Murray and Support Services Director John Przybylski presented Julie with the award, and John shared commentary from nominations received regarding Julie’s contributions. Julie was also presented with a personalized jacket from Transportation Manager David Rushton, and Assistant Transportation Manager, Crystal Gordey.

“Our school bus drivers are very important members of our school division family and play a vital role in the education of our youth” says Darren Kuester, PRSD Board Chair. “The role of a school bus driver is so much more than transporting students to and from school, and I can understand this as both my parents were school bus drivers. On behalf of the board of trustees, it’s my pleasure to congratulate Julie and thank her for her important contributions to student safety, well-being and success.”


Aug 11, 2021

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