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Board Hosts Swearing-In Ceremony and Elects Leadership Positions

October 29, 2021- Peace River School Division (PRSD) held its swearing-in ceremony for the 2021-2025 board of trustees and annual organizational meeting where the Board Chair and Vice-Chair were elected.

Lori Leitch, Ward 5 trustee was elected as Board Chair, and Crystal Owens, Ward 2 trustee was re-elected as Vice-Chair.

Lori Leitch is starting her second term on the board and first year as Board Chair.

Crystal Owens is beginning her second term on the board and second year as Vice-Chair.   

PRSD extends gratitude to Darren Kuester for the leadership and exceptional service he provided to the Division as Board Chair.  Kuester served four terms on the Board with the past two terms as Board Chair. 

The October 18, 2021 school board trustee elections resulted in two new board members for PRSD with elections taking place in one PRSD ward and acclamations in six wards. The 2021-2025 board of trustees is as follows:

Ward 1 – Marie Dyck – incumbent acclaimed - Red Earth Creek, Nampa and Peace River area
Ward 2 – Crystal Owens – incumbent acclaimed -  Peace River and rural Peace River
Ward 3 – Lacey Buchinski – elected -  rural Peace River, Weberville, Dixonville, Deadwood, Manning and Hawk Hills
Ward 4 – Moise Dion –  acclaimed - Peace River, rural Peace River, Grimshaw and Shaftesbury
Ward 5 – Lori Leitch –  incumbent acclaimed - Grimshaw, rural Grimshaw, rural Fairview, Berwyn, Brownvale, Whitelaw, Bluesky and Deer Hills
Ward 6 – Robyn Robertson –  incumbent acclaimed - Fairview and rural Fairview

Ward 7 – Delainah Velichka –  incumbent acclaimed - Hines Creek, rural Hines Creek, Worsley, Bear Canyon, Cleardale and Clear Hills

During the organizational meeting, trustees also determined committees they will represent, appointed trustee representation to external agencies and scheduled dates and times for Regular Board Meetings for the 2021-2022 school year.

Regular Board meetings will be hosted online through ZOOM.  Individuals wishing to attend online will be required to register in advance by contacting Chris Warne at 780-624-3601 to request the ZOOM meeting link.  A complete list of meeting dates can be viewed on PRSD’s website under “Board”/ “Board Meeting Dates”.

For more information please contact: Adam Murray, Superintendent      780-624-3601


Oct 29, 2021

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