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The Peace River School Division is committed to promoting safe, healthy, learning and working environments for students, staff, volunteers, visitors, and contractors. Our commitment is based on the philosophy that Health and Safety excellence is a value expected of the organization, its management and employees. By supporting and implementing these values with diligence, Peace River School Division will strive to create an environment in which health and safety always comes first.

Our vision statement is: First choice for students: we are a dynamic learning community focused on student success. Students are our top priority and our collective purpose is to help students to achieve success. Through working and learning together, we ensure all elements of safe and caring environments are in place through strategic planning, school and divisional practices, policies and professional development opportunities. We fully understand the role safety plays in the education of our youth and know that our working and learning environments have a fundamental impact on student success, today and in the future.

Thank you for your support in safe and caring practices in the division and working together to ensure all students are provided with safe and caring places to grow and learn.

PRSD Safety Protocols and Communication

Schools are considered to be the safest places in our communities. However, in reality, an emergency can happen anywhere at any time. It is imperative that our families are informed of various safety protocols and how we will communicate if and when an emergency occurs.


  • There is a possible danger INSIDE the school. Examples can include fire, chemical spill or gas leak.
  • Students will be escorted by staff to a safe location away from the school
  • If required, students will be transported to predetermined evacuation centres. Students will be released using student release procedures.
  • No one will re-enter the school until the school is safe for re-entry.

Shelter in Place

  • There is an ENVIRONMENTAL emergency in close proximity to the school, outside the school on school grounds and/or unrelated to the school. Examples can include; dangerous goods spill, wildlife on the playground or tornado.  If the threat is immediate, students and staff will be gathered in to safer spaces, such as away from walls and large vented areas.
  • Access to and from the school will depend on the environmental emergency.

Hold and Secure

  • There is an emergency situation in close proximity to the school, OUTSIDE the school on school grounds/and or unrelated to the school.
  • All exterior doors to the school are locked.
  • The school operates as normal inside the school walls. Any outdoor activities, field trips are cancelled.
  • As the incident is occurring outside, access to and from the school is restricted and carefully monitored.

Lock Down

  • A lock-down protocol is initiated when there is an immediate threat of violence to the students and staff inside the building.
  • The main objective of a lock-down is to protect the maximum number of people by getting behind locked doors.
  • In a lock-down situation, students and staff will be locked in secure areas and the school will NOT operate as normal. No one will be allowed in or out of the school.

Communication During an Emergency

During an emergency, we will make every effort to contact parents directly. Depending on the emergency, it may not be possible to send out information until after the incident has ended. Once it is safe to do so, parents will be contacted through direct phone calls, electronic messages, radio alerts, and website and social media updates.

We strongly encourage parents to not come to the school during an emergency unless directed to do so. Although your natural instincts in an emergency may be to go to the school to safeguard your child, please understand that doing so could impede the response to the situation. During any emergency, our first priority is the safety of our students and staff and we work closely with emergency personnel and the appropriate agencies to keep our students and staff safe. Parents and guardians can assist with our emergency planning by ensuring your child’s emergency contact information is up to date with the school and transportation office.

We also encourage families to follow the PRSD and local school Facebook Pages where updates may be posted depending on the emergency. Review a letter for families from the Superintendent regarding communication with parents in times of emergency.


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