Social Workers

Meet the Social Workers

Left to right: Social Worker Lorena Coombes, Social Worker Chris Kaip, Social-Emotional Behaviour Consultant Travis Mitten

Meet the Certified Therapy & Emotional Support Dogs

The PRSD has head from their students that they really enjoy when animals such as therapy dogs come into their schools and classrooms. Students have said being able to interact with an animal helps them to regulate their emotions. This contributes to the abundance of academic research literature showing that being around a therapy dog can help to lower students’ stress and anxiety levels, increase their happiness and contribute to improved mental health.

The PRSD supports the appropriate use of therapy dogs in schools, as well as the use of other animals to support the Alberta Program of Studies. Murphy, Max, Chico and Lilo are the certified therapy and emotional support dogs that are often in our schools alongside their people, our school social workers, school family liaison worker, and social-emotional behaviour consultant. From time to time there may be other therapy dogs brought into the schools by members of the community.

To learn more about the PRSD's procedure for allowing animals in schools, check out Administrative Procedure 255.

Left to right: Murphy, Max, Chico, and Lilo
Connie Kramer

Family School Liaison Worker

The Family School Liaison Program provides services and programming to school-age youth (K-6) at EE Oliver Elementary School with a focus on mental health and healthy lifestyle (social, emotional, physical).  This is managed by delivering classroom presentations and workshops, early intervention service with individuals and small groups, crisis response, community awareness activities, and collaborating with community agencies.  The Family School Liaison Program seeks to provide these supports so that children and youth are empowered to develop his/her gifts, abilities, and healthy life skills.  
The Family School Liaison Program is made possible by a funding partnership with Alberta Health Services.

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