Get Mental and Emotional Help

Everyone needs help sometimes.

Life isn’t always easy, and we all have different mental and emotional challenges and needs. Getting support for your heart and mind is just as important as going to a doctor for a broken bone or any health concern. It’s not always comfortable to talk about your problems, but it is very important that we all do. You are not a burden, you are not alone, and we are here, and happy to help. EVERYONE needs help sometimes.

Here are some ways you can get help:

By Phone

  • To talk with a live counsellor 24/7: 1-800-668-6868 or Text 686-868
  • To talk with a First Nations Metis and Inuit Hope for Wellness counsellor: 1-877-209-1266
  • If you are thinking of harming yourself: 1-888-787-2880
  • If you are having troubles with drugs/alcohol: 1-866-332-2322
  • If someone is physically hurting you: 1-800-387-5437
  • If you want to find out about supports in your area: 1-877-303-2642


  • Your principal, teacher or any trusted adult at your school.
  • Youth Education Support Worker, Success Coach or Family Liaison Worker (every school has a designated support person with one of these titles that are here to support you)
  • Peace River School Division Social Workers: Ask your principal to connect you with a Social Worker
  • Mental Health Walk-in Clinic Peace River: 780-624-6151 - Walk-in clinic on Thursdays. Call between 8-9 am to book a session for the same day.
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