Registering for the School Bus?

Is My Child Eligible to Ride the School Bus?

PRSD provides school bus service to eligible Kindergarten (ECS) to Grade 12 students who require transportation to and from their designated PRSD school, as well as to eligible ECS to Grade 12 students from Grande Prairie Catholic School District in Fairview, Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest in Peace River and Holy Family Catholic School Division in Peace River, Grimshaw and Manning.  

  • Ineligible rider- reside less than 2.4 kms from your designated school; bus pass required.
  • Eligible rider - reside more than 2.4 kms from your designated school.
  • Resident Student - a student residing within the school attendance boundary
  • Non-Resident -a student not residing within the school attendance boundary
  • Designated School - the school in which a board has directed a resident student
  • Out of Boundary/School of Choice - Student does not reside in the attendance/transportation service area for that school.

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School Bus Registration

You will need to submit a registration form if:

  • You purchased a bus pass for your student in the previous year
  • Your student is new or has changed school divisions.
  • Your primary address has changed.

You do not need to submit a registration form if:

  • Your student is a resident student who is attending the same school, have not moved residences and was an eligible bus rider in 2020-2021 school year. 

If you’re unsure if your child is still registered on a bus, you can login into BusPlanner.  If you do not see bus stop information, the child is not registered on a bus.  If the bus stop information is indicated, your child is registered on a bus. 

To Register:

  • Know your rural emergency address (blue or green sign at the end of your driveway) or civic/physical address (10501 88 St) for the registration process. 
  • If your child has any special needs, medical conditions or serious allergies, please advise our office.
  • If your child is attending a Pre-K program or is under 5 years old, they will be required to complete a “school bus readiness” evaluation administered by the school they wish to attend before they can ride the school bus.

Please note that students in kindergarten and grade 1 must be accompanied by a responsible person when getting on or off the school bus.

Register by June 30th to ensure your child's seat on the school bus for the first day of 2021-2022 School Year.

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The Transportation Office remains open during July and August. During our peak times (mid-August to mid-October) and at the end of each month, please register 5-10 business days ahead of time to avoid any service delays.

Out of Boundary/School of Choice

As per the Student Transportation Regulations of Alberta, if a student is enrolled in a school but does not reside in the attendance/transportation service for that school, the student or the parent shall provide transportation for the student:

  • to and from the school attended, or
  • to and from a designated stop on a bus route in the transportation service area for that school, or
    • between the site of the school and a point nearest the students residence on a bus route in the transportation service area for that school

To see which School Attendance/Transportation boundary you reside in, enter your physical address after clicking our “What School Can I Attend?” icon.

Please note a bus pass fee will be charged if the child resides less than 2.4 km from their designated school.

Ineligible Rider: Bus Pass Information


Per Student                        $450.00*

Family Rate (3+)                $1,125.00

*This annual rate is approximately $2.50/day to transport a student to and from school

All payments are administered through SchoolCash only.

Method of payments accepted on SchoolCash are:

  • Visa – Mastercard – Direct withdrawal from your bank account (E-check)

Instructions for SchoolCash Online

If you are encountering financial hardship, please contact the school’s Divisional Office or the school your child attends:

  • Peace River School Division - Waiver of Fees – 780-624-3601
  • Holy Family Catholic Regional  Division – 780-624-3956
  • Grande Prairie Catholic School District – 780-532-3013
  • Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest – 780-624-8855

Ineligible Riders will be unable to board the school bus until payment has been scheduled in SchoolCash 

  • Bus service will be provided for those who pay or schedule their fees by June 30th.  Anyone who purchases a bus pass after July 1st, will be put in a queue and dealt with in the order the registration/fees were received.  Please allow time for processing.  Any rejected fees that occur throughout the school year, may result in services being discontinued.

Notifications of Bus Route Delays or Cancellations

School bus delays and cancellations may be viewed by visiting  or any school website by clicking on the “Bus Routes” icon at the right of their webpages.

We recommend creating a subscription to your student’s school bus Delays & Cancellations to ensure you are notified in a timely fashion of any changes to their bussing schedule.  Delays or cancellations can happen unexpectedly with short notice and having a subscription will help you get information faster.

Click on “My Subscriptions” to sign up for notification of school bus delays or cancellations. You may be notified by email or *NEW* by text message. You can enter up to five cell phone numbers to receive notification of delays or cancellations.

For further information on Transportation Services, please refer to the Peace River School website or call (780)624-3006 or toll free 1-800-816-4711 

Instructions: Sign up for School Bus Delays & Cancellations Text or Email Alerts

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