Playground Projects & Plans

Playgrounds currently undergo both Fall and Spring Safety Inspections. We have 2 employees who have their Playground Auditor Certificates.

The Facilities Department will supervise and assist in installing new playground equipment as required.

Guidelines for Planning and Constructing New Playgrounds

In the preliminary stages, the Facilities Department must approve the site location. Consideration to location is important:

  • Drainage is a consideration. Low areas should be avoided as these areas collect water. Also drainage should not be obstructed by structures.
  • Location must not conflict with existing facilities and a minimum of 6 meters should separate the playground from active sports fields.
  • Avoid areas of poor visibility to reduce risk of vandalism.
  • Once a location has been approved by the Facilities Department, Alberta OneCall must be contacted to determine utility right-of-ways.

Excavation cannot proceed without notice from all utility companies involved that it is safe to do so.


The plan, orientations, equipment specifications must be submitted to the Facilities Department. A copy of the manufacture's warranty must be submitted to the sponsoring group.


All Designs must meet CAN/CSA Standards: Children's Playspaces and Equipment Z614-03. This addresses acceptable surfacing material, border material, support posts, etc.

The equipment must pass complete inspection by one of our Playground Auditors/Inspectors.

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