School improvement in PRSD schools

School improvement in PRSD schools

May Superintendent Message: 

On behalf of Peace River School Division, I am pleased to share survey data from our students, parents and staff that reveal high levels of satisfaction in our school division in the area of school improvement.

The October 2019 Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Report (APR) data shows that 84.4% of our students, staff and parents feel that our schools have improved.

Specifically, when students were asked if they are proud of their school and if they would recommend their school to a friend, 83.15 percent of students agreed and 84 percent of our parents and staff agree that their school has improved in the past three years.  I am also pleased to share that PRSD’s score in the area of school improvement exceeds provincial averages and has been given the highest possible rating of “very high” and “excellent”.

The APR is provided by Alberta Education and serves as a “report card” for the division. It contains test results, completion and transitional data and results from student, parent and staff surveys.

As I am sure you can appreciate, the definition of school improvement is unique to every person. For some, school improvement means increased academic success, students being provided with a wide variety of options, satisfaction with staffing, technology in the classroom, increased wellness and positive school culture programs, changes to timetables, physical upgrading to schools and athletic equipment.

School improvement encompasses many aspects of a child’s educational experience and creates a ripple effect. This ripple effect is clearly noted as PRSD’s results are rated “high” or “very high” in the measures of Safe and Caring, Program of Studies, Drop Out Rate, Work Preparation, Citizenship and Parental Involvement. These ratings are given by the Alberta Government and are based on the input of students, parents and staff through surveys distributed in February of each year.

View the one page summary of PRSD’s results here.

We celebrate these great results with you and thank you for your partnership in education. It truly does take a community to raise a child and we appreciate your contributions that are clearly helping with continuous improvement in our schools – thank you.

Paul Bennett
Superintendent of Schools
Peace River School Division No. 10