Updated Communication from Superintendent Bennett regarding COVID-19

Updated Communication from Superintendent Bennett regarding COVID-19

Dear Parents and Staff,

I have been in communication with school administrators on the process of picking up students’ belongings. Each school has posted this valuable information on their individual Facebook pages, which you can access here.  School materials are not to be returned at this time and can continue to be used to assist children with their learning. Parents will be contacted regarding the return of these materials at a later date when we return to a more normal mode of operation. 

PRSD instuctional staff are working together with school administrators who, in turn, are collaborating with our Instructional Leadership team to develop a divisional approach to continued instruction that will be aligned with the rest of the province. 

I posed  the following question to administrators yesterday,  "How do you see your school maintaining instruction now that classes have been cancelled?"  This valuable information will be collected and analyzed on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, when we meet online with school administrators.

Following Spring Break, which is scheduled for March 23-27, 2020, we will be releasing communication regarding a divisional instructional plan.

Thanks to all staff and parents for your understanding and cooperation during this very challenging conversation.  I will continue to update you as this situation evolves.


        Paul Bennett
        Superintendent of Schools
        Peace River School Division