Board Highlights February, 2020

Board Highlights February, 2020

Transportation Service Area Update
The Board of Trustees approved a Community Consultation Plan regarding the follow up of the Hines Creek/Fairview Transportation Service Area review.  The Community Consultation Plan will be facilitated by Superintendent of Schools, Paul Bennett, Secretary_Treasurer, Rhonda Freeman, Director of Support Services, John Przybylski and Transportation Manager, David Rushton.  The consultation meeting with stakeholders will take place on March 31, 2020, beginning at 6:30 pm at David Thompson Hall.


Learning Services-Departmental Presentation
Aleeta Ploc, Assistant Superintendent - Learning Supports and Jeff Thompson, Assistant Superintendent - Teaching and Learning, provided the board with an update of the Learning Services Department. The Learning Services Department coordinates various supports and services for PRSD schools that provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment to ensure students are successful.  Aleeta and Jeff reviewed work being done to support PRSD schools through the Collaborative Response Model (CRM), which fosters responsive teaching across grade levels and schools.  Highlights from the presentation included the department’s addition of an Indigenous Education Program Coordinator, a Literacy Program Coordinator, and Numeracy Program Coordinator, all of whom provide supports to meet the specific needs of students to help ensure they reach their full potential. They also shared with the board the tremendous growth the team has experienced in working collaboratively to provide seamless supports to students in need. The Learning Services Department provides support for students and staff that include the assistance of Program Coordinators for literacy, numeracy and Indigenous education, school-based Inclusive Education Coordinators, Divisional Inclusive Education Coaches; Division based Social Workers, Youth Support Workers, and Success Coaches.


Board Reviews PRSD’s Education Plan
Assistant Superintendents Adam Murray, Jeff Thompson and Aleeta Ploc, provided the board with a mid-year review of the strategies outlined in PRSD’s Three Year Education Plan.  Some of the highlights from the mid-year review included supporting the success and needs of First Nation, Metis and Inuit students, professional development for staff, innovation, technology integration, parental involvement, community partnerships and positive safety attitudes. The board also heard of preparations being made for the PRSD Board-Administration Planning Day on March 4, 2020, where PRSD trustees, school administration and management staff collaboratively review and evaluate strategies in the Education Plan and put forth ideas for additions and revisions. View more information about PRSD’s Three Year Education Plan here.


Transportation Consolidation Update 
The board of trustees made a motion to accept the report that was provided by Director of Support Services John Przybylski, Transportation Manager David Rushton and Assistant Transportation Manager Crystal Gordey on consolidating the Transportation Department with Central Operations located in Grimshaw.  Included in the report were professional drawings and a cost consultant report, which were completed by The Workun Garrick Partnership out of Edmonton.  The decision to consolidate the Transportation Department in the Central Operations building in Grimshaw will address upgrades currently required at both bus garages to solve the existing safety and working conditions along with finding operational efficiencies.  The costs associated with this project will be funded from operating and capital reserves in the Administration, Transportation and Plant Operations and Maintenance departments.  No instructional reserves will be used in this project.


Minister of Education to meet with Board of Trustees
Minister of Education, Adriana Lagrange, is scheduled to meet with the board of trustees on March 10, 2020, at Central Operations in Grimshaw.  Topics of discussion will include capital planning, insurance costs, and board advocacy on wraparound services.