Superintendent Message-March

Superintendent Message-March

Indigenous Education in Peace River School Division

As part of PRSD’s continued commitment to Indigenous education, this year the division hired a First Nations, Métis and Inuit Program Coordinator to enhance our students’ learning experiences by supporting our teachers in developing their knowledge of Indigenous histories, cultures, languages, contributions, perspectives, experiences and contemporary contexts. 

Through the work of our First Nations, Métis and Inuit Program Coordinator and other staff, the division continues to offer a wide range of programs and initiatives to help motivate and engage our Indigenous students in the teaching and learning process.  These programs and initiatives include an enhanced Elder School Visitation Program, Regional Blanket Exercise, Aboriginal Youth Career Workshop, Indigenous Studies Courses in multiple schools, the Divisional Hand Games Tournament, and the Eagle Feather Graduation Ceremony at the Peace River Pow Wow.  Furthermore, significant work has been done to develop professional development segments that can be included as part of staff PD days that touch on topics such as residential school history, legislation and agreements negotiated with the Métis, Inuit perspectives, and treaties.      

Programs and initiatives such as those listed above are supported through specialized funding from the Alberta Government.  For each student who is declared to have Indigenous ancestry, schools receive an additional $1178.00.  Parents can declare their child’s status on the school registration form that is signed every year.  Alternatively, students can choose to self-identify as Indigenous on the school registration form. 

PRSD prides itself on having high academic standards for all students and is committed to ensuring success for all.