Board Highlights January, 2020

Board Highlights January, 2020

Board approves Trustee Tours schedule
At today’s regularly scheduled board meeting, the Board approved the updated school trustee tour schedule. The tours are scheduled at Springfield Elementary, Peace River High School, Fairview High School, Dixonville School, and Hines Creek Composite School commencing in March 2020, with the focus being Wraparound Services. During the school tours, trustees enjoy interactions with and discussions with students. They also take part in focused meetings with school administration, school council members, and  school staff. “School tours are very important to the board,” says Kuester. “It allows for focused conversations between students, staff and the board, and we have an in-person snapshot of what makes each of our schools unique. Kuester also extends the boards’ appreciation to schools for the time and planning put into school trustee tours.

PRSD secures funding for the lease of Mile Zero Regional Multiplex  
PRSD received $66,725 from the Capital Planning division of the Government of Alberta for the 2019-2020 lease of the Mile Zero Regional Multiplex in Grimshaw.  The provincial funding is for the current year and will be determined next year based on the provincial budget.

Board approves letter in support of E-mental Health for Youth and Young Adults in Alberta
The Board of Trustees made a motion to approve a letter of support to Alberta Health Services (AHS) regarding the research proposal for E-mental Health for Youth and Young Adults in Alberta.  “It is our pleasure to participate in and support the research proposal 'eMental Health for Youth and Young Adults.' This collaboration with schools, Primary Care Networks, HUBs and AHS Addiction and Mental Health Services in our community is timely and supports our service priorities”, the letter goes on to state, “We are dedicated to implementing and researching innovative and promising mental health services. eMH represents a most important next step to support prevention, early detection, assessment, self-management and therapy for youth and young adults. We are pleased to provide support to this project in the form of participant recruitment, collaboration in evaluation/research, decision-making, and knowledge dissemination of findings. In closing, we offer this letter of support in hope of enhancing the current and future wellness of our youth and young adults”. 

Transportation Department provides consolidation report to Board of Trustees
Director of Support Services John Przybylski, Transportation Manager David Rushton and Assistant Transportation Manager Crystal Gordey provided the board with a proposed preliminary plan on consolidating the Transportation Department with Central Operations located in Grimshaw.  The Board of Trustees approved a motion to direct administration to bring back professional drawings and a Cost Consultant report for future consideration.

Trustees look forward to annual meeting with local municipalities on February 4, 2020  
The board of trustees discussed their upcoming meeting with representatives from local municipalities in PRSD school communities. The annual meeting brings PRSD trustees and municipality representatives from school communities together to discuss educational topics, capital planning, and exploring partnerships.  “The annual meeting provides municipalities and PRSD with an opportunity to discuss educational topics and build and foster relationships,” says Kuester. “Sharing information and hearing the voice of our municipalities provides us with increased knowledge and helps to support community partnerships, thus increasing opportunities for our students.”

Board of Trustees approve sponsorship for Peace Country Regional Science Fair
The Board made a motion to support the Peace Country Regional Science Fair (PCRSF) through a $2,500 donation. Many PRSD students participate in the Fair that promotes interest and awareness as well as networking opportunities in the field of science. Jonathan Pittman, on behalf of PCRSF, requested funding support for the event. He espoused the opportunities provided to students who attend and shared his excitement and enthusiasm about the Fair.