Superintendent Message - January, 2020

Superintendent Message - January, 2020


Parents: Have a Voice in Education

In January and February, many parents will receive a survey in their mailbox from Alberta Education. Please take a few moments to complete this survey - your participation is very important to us.

Your response to the survey provides valuable information regarding what is working in schools and what needs improvement. Your answers to the questions in the survey are confidential and are considered during school and divisional planning. Therefore, this survey provides an opportunity for you to impact decision making regarding your child’s education and school. 

The survey is mailed to parents in grades 4, 7 and 10 (unless the school has fewer than 120 students in grades 4-12 in which case the survey will be expanded to include all students and parents). To ensure we receive as many responses back from parents as possible, the survey comes with a postage-paid return envelope.

Thank you in advance for your time spent in completing the survey. Through working and learning together, your input and involvement make our schools great places to grow, learn and be.

Paul Bennett,

Superintendent of Schools
Peace River School Division