PRSD celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

PRSD celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

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June 18, 2018 – Teachings from elders, Indigenous games, special assemblies, Metis jigging, tipi decorating, hand games competitions, storytelling and the recognition of residential school survivors are a few examples of ways Peace River School Division (PRSD) schools will honor National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21, 2018.

“The enthusiasm of our schools in planning events and activities for Indigenous Peoples Day is truly awesome” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “This important day, and the ongoing infusion of Indigenous based teaching and learning in our schools is crucial to impact change and support reconciliation. This provides our students and school communities with a deeper understanding and respect for Indigenous culture, history and issues.”

Indigenous history, culture and traditions are integrated into everyday learning, curriculum and through various school events in PRSD.  Students are provided opportunities to participate in sweat lodges, the Blanket Exercise, listening to the teachings of elders, the Seven Grandfather Teachings and Aboriginal Studies courses for high school students. Participation in Orange Shirt Day, PRSD’s hand-games competition, culture clubs, story telling and the Aboriginal Career Fair are other examples of opportunities offered in PRSD schools.

Earlier in June, many PRSD graduates were celebrated at the Peace River Pow Wow Graduation Ceremony and last week, several students attended the Walking with Our Sisters art installation in Grande Prairie that honors and brings awareness to missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

June 21 was first declared Aboriginal Day in 1996 by the Governor General and on June 21, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau renamed it “National Indigenous Peoples Day.” June 21 was chosen because for thousands of years, Indigenous people have celebrated their culture and heritage and give thanks to Mother Earth on the summer solstice which is the longest day of the year.

PRSD school event listing:

Bear Canyon and Cleardale Colony Schools
Students will perform in an Indigenous themed play written by Principal Margaret King.

Dixonville School 
Dixonville School students will enjoy Indigenous books read to them in the morning and a school-wide Hand Games tournament in the afternoon.

EE Oliver Elementary School
Students will play indigenous games, read indigenous literature and enjoy some Indigenous based arts and crafts related to the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

Fairview and Area Learning Store
Fairview and Area Learning Store is hosting a National Indigenous Peoples Day celebratory lunch

Fairview High School
The school is hosting a school assembly on June 19th in honor of Elder Dave Cummings who passed away earlier this year. Family and Elder Dave Matlipi will be in attendance. Over the years, Elder Cummings was very involved and passionate to share his culture and teachings with the students and staff of FHS. On June 21, the FHS Students Union will cook Bison Burgers for the school.  

Grimshaw Public School
Grimshaw Public School’s shop class is building a wooden tree and GPS students will write inspirational messages regarding residential school survivors on it.  Students will also enjoy Cree games and food

Hines Creek Composite School
Hines Creek Composite School celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day on May 29, 2018 by playing Inuit games, Tlingit Art, Metis jigging, open fire bannock, moccasin making, and the medicine wheel teachings. On Thursday June 21, 2018, Mrs. Dalke is graciously coming in to make bannock again for the school. 

Lloyd Garrison School
Students will go to the Peace River Museum to view Indigenous artifacts and take part in the museum's Indigenous Peoples Day activities. 

Manning Elementary School
Manning Elementary School will have special announcements and facts broadcasted on Indigenous Peoples Day and will carry on the celebration to June 27th when students will play Indigenous games and enjoy a school wide BBQ.

Menno Simons Community School
Menno Simons Community school is hosting a bannock making competition. 

Nampa Public School
Nampa Public School will enjoy a fried bannock snack and introduce Hand Games to students

Paul Rowe Jr Sr High School
Paul Rowe Jr Sr High School is hosting a National Indigenous Peoples Day assembly

Peace Regional Outreach Campus and Daycare
Peace Regional Outreach Campus and Daycare will enjoy a stew and bannock lunch.

Peace River High School
Peace River High will invite an Elder to speak with graduates about the significance of the Eagle feather.  

Red Earth Creek School
Students will read Indigenous literature, play games, cook bannock and have an Indigenous artifact display

Springfield Elementary School
An Elder is coming to provide the opening prayer to the school’s Indigenous Peoples Day assembly, followed by Metis jigging demonstrations and Hand Games. In the afternoon, students will rotate between various stations with Indigenous games, canoe races, tipi decorating and storytelling in the tipi. At 2.30, the school will join for a round dance in the gym and sharing circles in their own classes.

TA Norris Middle School
In the morning, TA Norris Middle School will play Indigenous games and enjoy a stew and bannock lunch.

Worsley Central School
Worsley Central School is celebrating on June 20, 2018 with a stew and bannock lunch and an afternoon of Indigenous based activities in the afternoon.