New principal at Grimshaw Public School

New principal at Grimshaw Public School

Peace River School Division is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Saxon Butte to the position of Principal, Grimshaw Public School (GPS) beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

Saxon received his Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta (U. of A.) in April, 2014.  He went on to receive his Master of Education in Educational Studies in April, 2018 focusing on Leadership and School Improvement.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the U. of A. (2012). 

Saxon began his teaching career in 2012 as a Teaching Assistant with Management Information Systems at the U. of A.  He commenced employment with Peace River School Division in September 2014, initially as a teacher at Grimshaw Jr/Sr. High School (GHS).  In 2016, Assistant Principal was added to his responsibilities.  During this time, Saxon was involved in overseeing Grade 12 Diploma Examinations, Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Tests and ensured students completed all graduation requirements.  He was instrumental in fostering effective relationships, providing instructional leadership and managing school operations and resources in addition to being involved in the planning and preparation for the amalgamation with Kennedy Elementary School in 2017-18. 

In September 2017, Saxon broadened his experience by becoming Vice Principal at GPS.  With amalgamation of the two schools now complete, Saxon provides leadership in bringing elementary and high school staff together into one cohesive school, and continues to build shared-school partner and community relationships.  With a keen focus on improving student academic achievements, his diligence in building leadership capacity, and ensuring the school is a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment with opportunities for all students, Saxon will undoubtedly be successful in his endeavours.   

Please join us in welcoming Saxon to his new role as Principal at Grimshaw Public School commencing with the 2018-19 school year.