Board approves 2018-2019 preliminary budget

Board approves 2018-2019 preliminary budget

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May 31, 2018-
The Peace River School Division (PRSD) board of trustees approved the 2018-2019 budget at the regular board meeting held earlier this week. The division’s total budget is $51,020,817.00.

Over and above basic education, PRSD’s 2018-2019 budget will fund Inclusive Education initiatives, services and supports for students with complex and special needs, PRSD’s focus on literacy, wellness initiatives, technology integration and employee contract obligations. Operational dollars provide safe and caring learning environments through physical upgrades, maintenance on schools and safe transportation for students.  

“The board has been working closely with management staff to look over all areas to create a balanced budget” says Board Chair Darren Kuester. “The preliminary budget has been approved with a deficit of $414,733.00, primarily in the area of Plant Operation and Maintenance. We will continue to explore efficiencies and work toward finalizing a balanced budget prior to the November 30, 2018 government deadline.”

Funding from the government has not changed in comparison with last year’s funding levels with the exception of an increase to the Alberta Education Nutrition Grant. Carbon tax, increases in staffing, contracts, materials and in some cases reductions in government funding are the cause of the deficit in the preliminary budget.

School boards are required to submit a preliminary budget to the Alberta Government prior to May 30 of each year and by November 30, submit a final budget based on actual enrolment numbers.

PRSD encourages school communities to engage in conversations about educational funding through school council meetings, conversations with members of legislative assembly and by advocating to the Alberta government.

“We are committed to student learning and success and will continue to explore ways to operate efficiently in order to maximize funding in the classroom” says Kuester. “Education is an investment for a viable and prosperous tomorrow and we will continue to serve as advocates for our students and staff.”