Eight PRSD students compete in All-Star Basketball Game

Eight PRSD students compete in All-Star Basketball Game

Congratulations to PRSD students who were invited to play at the Annual High School All-Star Basketball Game held at Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) on March 23, 2017. Coaches from the region submitted their choices for three top male and female athletes from their basketball teams, and through a selection process, top student athletes were invited to play in the all-star exhibition game. 

Following the all-star game, GPRC coaches selected players to receive the title of “most valuable player” (MVP). Congratulations to Jeanelle Charchuk, Hines Creek Composite School student who was chosen as one of the game MVP’s.

“This is a great experience for students and we extend our congratulations to them for being selected to play in the all-star game” says Board Chair Darren Kuester.

“Athletics are an important part of the school experience and culture. School sports teams provide students with opportunities to engage in activities they enjoy, increase school and community spirit and can also provide students with various scholarship opportunities” says Kuester. “Thank you to all players, coaches, volunteers and parents of all our sports teams for your time and support. Your contributions create greater opportunities for students.”

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the High School All-Star Game at GPRC:

Desiree Giesbrecht – Hines Creek Composite School
Matt Wayland – Hines Creek Composite School
Jeanelle Charchuk – Hines Creek Composite School
Nathan Vaniderstine – Fairview High School
Caitlin Paul – Fairview High School
Taysha Dunnington – Peace River High School
Ethan George – Peace River High School
Jeannie Borger, Grimshaw Jr Sr High School

View photos here. Photo credit to Terrie Wayland and GPRC.