PRSD schools celebrate Pink Shirt Day

PRSD schools celebrate Pink Shirt Day

Schools throughout Peace River School Division (PRSD) are gearing up for PINK SHIRT DAY (February 22, 2017) with various activities in recognition of the importance of healthy relationships, kindness, respect and acceptance. Schools will be a sea of pink division-wide and engage in various activities that bring awareness to the importance of healthy relationships. See the schedule of events below.

Healthy and respectful relationships are a continual focus in PRSD schools. Examples of initiatives, programs and everyday teaching and learning in this area includes (and not limited to): wellness programs, leadership groups, mentorship programs, student equality groups, a focus on citizenship, daily learning incorporated in the curriculum, community involvement,  various school presentations and the support of our school based Success Coaches and Youth Education Support Workers.

This year, students will express their creative talents as they design a Pink Shirt Day T-shirt design. The divisional winner will receive an iPad and have their design on PRSD’s 2018 and Pink Day T-shirt in future years. Learn more about the contest here.

Pink Shirt Day started in 2007 in a Nova Scotia High School when a Grade 12 student observed a much younger boy being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The student, Travis Price, rallied other senior students and encouraged them to wear pink shirts to school the next day to stand up to the bullies. Those shirts became the symbol of a movement that quickly spread across the country.

Paul Rowe Jr Sr High School:  Students and staff will wear pink, enjoy a pancake breakfast,  and take part in a special Pink Day assembly with various activities that celebrate kindness.

Hines Creek Composite School:  Students and staff will wear pink, and the school’s Student Wellness Action Team will be on the lookout catching acts of student kindness, which when caught, students get their name entered in a draw.  The school is also celebrating Random Acts of Kindness for all of February.

Lloyd Garrison School: Students and staff will wear pink, participate in Pink Day activities and Random Acts of Kindness in which the school is celebrating for all of February.

Nampa Public School: Nampa Public School students and staff will wear pink t-shirts, will share anonymous positive notes with one another and pose for the annual Pink Shirt Day photo.

Springfield Elementary School: The school is hosting a special Pink Day “Kindness” assembly at 9:00 am, students and staff will wear pink and students will write kindness notes for others throughout the day.

TA Norris Middle School: Each class will have discussions during homeroom regarding healthy relationships and students and staff will wear pink. Classes will be introduced to Ryan Laird’s songs, lyrics and do specific lessons surrounding the message of “anti-bullying” and achieving your dreams. Ryan Laird, two-time Canadian Country Music award nominated artist will be at the school on March 7th for his school tour to inspire youth.

Dixonville School: Students and staff will wear pink and take part in various Pink Day activities that support healthy relationships.

Fairview High School: Students and staff will attend an interactive assembly on the importance of contributing to a safe, welcoming and caring school. In the morning, students can ‘get pinked’ at the hair, make-up and nails booth, and at lunch, students can purchase a pink treat and sign the school pledge with a pink hand print. Students and staff have been celebrating a full month of kindness by starting the Cobra Kudos program, an initiative that recognizes students who contribute to the school’s respectful and kind culture, and celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week to spread gratitude and appreciation around the school.

Worsley Central School: The school will take part in a Pink Shirt Day special assembly where they will kick off the Pink Shirt Day T-shirt design contest and share messages about kindness, compassion and anti-bullying. Students will also enjoy a lunch-time sock hop to celebrate friendship and fun. The school is taking part in Random Acts of Kindness initiatives all month and students created a bulletin board titled “Showering the School with Love” that is filled with heart shaped notes of caring and kindness.

Peace River High School: Students and staff will wear pink and share positive post it notes about their peers in the student gathering area. On February 27th, the League of Leadership student leadership group will lead a powerful “Live out of your box” activity that celebrates diversity, acceptance and respect. See an example of the activity HERE.  

Red Earth Creek School: Students and staff will take part in a Pink Shirt Day assembly, wear pink and take part in random acts of kindness throughout the day. Students will share notes of kindness, encouragement or praise with their peers.

EE Oliver Elementary School: Students and staff will start out the day with a pink yogurt parfait (as a part of the breakfast program followed by a Pink Day assembly). Students and staff will watch a video on the history of Pink Shirt Day, a video on bullying and the power one person has to stop it and grades 4-6 will watch a longer video on self-worth. Students and staff will form into the word “nice” and pose for a Pink Shirt Day photo.

Kennedy Elementary School: Students and staff will wear pink, make “what I like about you cards” and engage in other activities that support acceptance, respect and kindness.

Grimshaw Jr Sr High School: Staff and students will wear pink and through various activities, remind everyone of their importance in the GHS community.

Manning Elementary School: Students at MES will wear pink and use the day to celebrate the power of positivity and supporting each other through various activities.

Menno Simons Community School: Students and staff are invited to wear pink and converse in the realm of respect, acceptance and kindness.