Superintendent Message - 'Wellness in PRSD schools - supporting the whole child'

Superintendent Message - 'Wellness in PRSD schools - supporting the whole child'

In order for us to learn and be our best, we must feel and be well.  Educational research supports this connection and we take this very seriously.  We feel we have a great opportunity to not only academically educate our students, but to support, guide, and teach them to honour their overall health and well-being and we do this in a number of ways.

Every PRSD school has a Youth Education Support Worker/Success Coach who provides support with various aspects of wellness. The role of PRSD’s Youth Education Support Workers/Success Coaches is to promote positive mental health in children, youth and families while working closely with school staff.  This ranges from presentations, activities and programming that supports problem solving, emotional management, targeted topics, skills for learning, adolescent empowerment, healthy relationships, mindfulness, teamwork and leadership.  This model has been recognized on a national level.

Healthy eating and active living are important components to health and wellness and we support this though education, encouraging healthy canteen and vending machine choices, and expanding physical education activities in our schools. Last year, schools received a tower garden which allowed schools to learn the value of growing their own vegetables.  We have also purchased large quantities of yoga mats, snowshoes and Daily Physical Activity kits for our schools to use.  

We also encourage and support our students to be leaders, involved in the community and work together as a team - attributes that serve and inspire our students, communities and society as a whole.

I am sure you can agree with this quote from the Dalai Lama “Happiness is the highest form of health” as when we are happy and well, we naturally achieve our personal best.
Paul Bennett,
PRSD Superintendent of Schools