Superintendent Message - Academic Results

Superintendent Message - Academic Results

Each year Alberta Education reports on numerous performance measures for Alberta school divisions in a report known as the Accountability Pillar Report.  Our updated results show that 66.3% of students (combined in grades 6 and 9) achieved the Acceptable Standard on the Provincial Achievement Tests, and, 10.6% achieved the Standard of Excellence.

Updated results on the Provincial Diploma Exam courses show that 78.7% of students achieved the Acceptable Standard, and 10.8% of students achieved a Standard of Excellence.

Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams are only one measure of student achievement and results are best examined at the school level where the local context can be considered. Each school will be sharing school results within their local community.

I wish to congratulate students, staff and parents on working so well together on improving student achievement. Achievement Test and Diploma Exam results will be further analyzed to help inform instructional decisions that will lead to increased student achievement.

I invite you to view more detailed information by reading the media release here.

Paul Bennett
Superintendent of Schools