School Bus Safety Week - "Rider Rules = Safe to School"

School Bus Safety Week - "Rider Rules = Safe to School"

It’s School Bus Safety Week and this year’s theme is “Rider Rules = Safe to School”

Students are to be reminded of these basic and important school bus safety rules that help to keep them safe:

-Dress for the weather
-Stand 3 feet from the curb
-Stay seated
-Keep aisles clear
-Keep voices down
-Wait until the bus stops to enter or exit

Students from kindergarten to grade six throughout the province are encouraged to participate in the Alberta Student Transportation Advisory Council’s (ASTAC) School Bus Safety Week poster contest. Students are encouraged to create posters that visually outline the theme “Rider Rules = Safe to School."
Each year, the Peace River School Division (PRSD) Transportation Department staff travels to schools to educate our students, drivers and staff on school bus safety. Students participate in various presentations, watch bus safety videos, take part in mock evacuations and practice safe school bus loading and off-loading.  

PRSD thanks our professional school bus drivers, staff, students, parents, community organizations and community members for your commitment to ensure student safety. 

PRSD transports approximately 3000 students 11,589 kms, with a total service area of 12,378 square kilometers each day.

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