Pink Shirt Day 2016 - What's happening?

Pink Shirt Day 2016 - What's happening?

Peace River School Division (PRSD) is excited to be celebrating Pink Shirt Day 2016 on February 24th with events and activities throughout the school division that are intended to promote kindness and acceptance and to declare that bullying will not be tolerated.

Pink Shirt Day started in 2007 in a Nova Scotia High School when a Grade 12 student observed a much younger boy being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The student, Travis Price, rallied other senior students and encouraged them to wear pink shirts to school the next day to stand up to the bullies. Those shirts became the symbol of a movement that quickly spread across the country.

While its beginnings are humble, Pink Shirt Day has evolved to be about much more than preventing bullying. In PRSD Schools Pink Shirt Day is about celebrating diversity, creating a culture of kindness, building healthy and respectful relationships, and practicing acceptance towards ourselves and others. While our staff and students teach and practice these ideals year-round this is a day to truly be mindful of these actions and to reflect on the effect that they are having. It is also a day to acknowledge the school-based Success Coaches, Youth Education Support Workers, school Wellness Action Teams, leadership groups, mentorship programs, and special presentations that play a role in these initiatives.

Schools are getting ready to celebrate with various events planned for the week of February 24, 2016 that will turn PRSD hallways and classrooms into a sea of pink shirts!

February 23

  • Lloyd Garrison: Students and staff at Lloyd Garrison will be ‘Filling Their Buckets’ throughout February and then handing those buckets in for a Pink Shirt! Students receive a star to put on another person’s bucket when they complete a good deed

February 24

  • Fairview High School: FHS will be celebrating kindness and respect for the entire month with students being invited to recognize other students being kind by nominating them for a weekly prize. Students will also celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17) with a  game of ‘Pass it On’ in which cards will be passed along as students do good deeds for one another and are entered into a draw for a Pink Shirt. Finally, on Pink Shirt Day the Junior Girls Group will be running a ‘Get Pinked’ booth in the morning with pink nail polish and hair polish to get everyone in the spirit and at lunch students will be invited to sign a pledge to a safe and welcoming school with a pink handprint.
  • Paul Rowe High School: Paul Rowe invites their community partners to join them in wearing pink and spreading the message about kindness on February 24th. Students will be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness all month by writing kind messages to each other to be read each morning and to be left on bathroom mirrors as well as participating in events such as free hug/high five day.
  • Hines Creek Composite School: The Student Wellness Action Team has been busy making and displaying anti-bullying posters throughout the school and all staff and students will be encouraged to wear their Pink Shirts. The Student’s Union is also preparing a puzzle piece unity board with anti-bullying messages.
  • Springfield School: Students at Springfield will be having a contest for the best pink day/kindness themed decorated door as well as creating a ‘Kindness Quilt’ made up of a patch decorated by each student that will be displayed. Everyone will also wear their Pink Shirts and attend an assembly where the winner of the prize for the best door will be announced.
  • Peace River High School: Students at Peace River High will be wearing their Pink Shirts (there will also be some for sale) and will be using their flex block (10-11) for a group photo and to take part in Pink Day activities! Robb Nash will also be performing at Peace High on February 25th!
  • Peace Regional Outreach Campus: Students at Peace Regional Outreach will be having an ‘Act of Kindness’ event where they will be delivering homemade cookies to their neighbours and as a show of appreciation for the support they receive from other groups who help them.
  • E.E. Oliver Elementary: Students at EEO will be wearing their pink shirts and attending an assembly in the morning to promote Pink Shirt Day and what it means as well as a short educational session on anti-bullying. The day will also serve to kick-off a new caring/kindness program that will run for the rest of the year.
  • Manning Elementary School: Students at MES will be wearing their pink shirts and using the day to celebrate the power of positivity and supporting each other.
  • Kennedy Elementary School: Kennedy staff and students will all be wearing their pink shirt day attire and taking part in activities being planned by Student Parliament.
  • Grimshaw High School: Pink Shirt Day will be all about showing kindness to others at GHS. Staff and students alike will be wearing pink and each student will be getting a note on their locker with a kind, personalized message on it to remind everyone of their importance in the GHS community.