Latest Board Meeting Highlights - November 28, 2017

  • PRSD’s results show continued improvement and growth – Board approves Three Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report

  • Trustees approve 2016-2017 Audited Financial Statements and receive an update on the 2017-2018 budget

  • Trustees review Council of School Councils Liaison Committee Terms of Reference and review agenda for November 30, 2017 meeting

  • Departmental presentation – Violent Threat/Risk Assessment Team

  • Policy Work

  • Board members look forward to attending Christmas concerts and events in their respective wards

    Read the highlights in their entirety HERE

Board of Trustees


Under the terms of The Schools Act, the Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the policies under which the Division and its schools will operate and to provide education for its students. Well defined policies set the goals and objectives for the system. In addition, the Board is responsible for ensuring that sufficient staff and facilities are in place to operate the school system in accordance with established policies.

Back Row: (left to right) Christopher Schneider, Delainah Velichka, Fred Churchman, Darren Kuester, Paul Bennett, Karen Penney

Front Row:(left to right) Crystal Owens, Lori Leitch, Robyn Robertson, Rhonda Freeman