Nomination Results

PRSD Releases Official Nomination Results

For immediate release
September 19, 2017 – The school board trustee nomination results are now official and it has been determined that school board trustee elections will be held in four of PRSD’s seven wards. Representation in three of PRSD’s wards has been determined by acclamation.

The official results are as follows:

Ward 1 – Red Earth Creek, Nampa and Peace River
•  Christopher Jeremy  Schneider - acclaimed

Ward 2 – Peace River and rural Peace River
•  Wendy A. Goulet
•  Crystal Owens

Ward 3 – Rural Peace River, Weberville, Dixonville, Deadwood, Manning and Hawk Hills
•  Darren A. Kuester -incumbent
•  Gerald Loewen

Ward 4 – Peace River, rural Peace River, Shaftesbury and Grimshaw
•  Frederick Gordon Churchman - acclaimed

Ward 5 – Grimshaw, rural Grimshaw, Berwyn, Brownvale, Whitelaw, Bluesky,  rural Fairview and Deer Hills
•  Carmen Johnson - incumbent
•  Lori Suzanne Leitch

Ward 6 – Fairview and rural Fairview
•  Robyn Nicole Robertson- acclaimed

Ward 7- Hines Creek, rural Hines Creek, Worsley, Bear Canyon, Cleardale and Clear Hills
•  James MacKay Ross
•  Delainah Lee Velichka - incumbent

PRSD extends gratitude to those that put their names forward for school trusteeship and encourages community members to head to the polls on October 16, 2017.

Candidate profiles will be made public on September 20, 2017 on PRSD’s election web page and details regarding advance polls and voting stations will be posted when information is available.