Teaching and Learning - New Teacher Mentorship Program

Goals of the Mentorship Program

  • To support development of the knowledge, skills and attributes needed by beginning teachers, second year teachers and teachers new to the province as outlined in Alberta’s Teacher Quality Standard.
  • To transmit the culture of the school, school system and teaching profession to beginning teachers and teachers new to the province.
  • To provide an opportunity for beginning teachers, second year teachers and teachers new to the province to analyze and reflect on their teaching with coaching from veteran teachers.
  • To initiate and build a foundation with beginning teachers and second year teachers for the continued study of teaching.
  • To promote the personal, as well as the professional well being of beginning teachers.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills of effective mentoring for participating veteran teachers.


Components of the Mentorship Program
The Divisional Mentor Coach helps beginning teachers attain the level of performance outlined in Alberta’s Teacher Quality Standard.
The Divisional Mentor Coach ensures confidentiality of teacher interactions.

  • August New Teacher Orientation
    Sessions on student engagement, building relationships, routines and procedures, classroom set-up and environment as well as for planning the first day and first week of school
  • School-Based Mentor
    Ongoing in-school support for new teachers
  • Kick Off Lunch Meeting, including School- Based Mentors
  • Teacher Observation Program (TOP) Day
    This is an opportunity for new teachers and school-based mentors to observe each other teaching. The day is imbedded with time to discuss both observations and any other issues that might be of concern. The Divisional Mentor Coach also facilitates classroom visitations to other schools depending upon specific needs.
  • Coaching Rounds
    The Divisional Mentor Coach provides formal and informal mentoring sessions (planning, implementing and reflecting).
  • Mentorship Program Workshop (mid-year)
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Supper Meetings
  • Year-End Celebration
  • Second Year Teachers
    The Divisional Mentor Coach provides ongoing support for second year teachers.  Second year teachers will develop an action plan in consultation with the Divisional Mentor Coach to address individual needs.

Role of the New Teachers
The role of the beginning teacher is based on some key principles:

  • Beginning teachers still have much to learn about putting their knowledge to work.
  • Beginning teachers provided with guidance, support and assistance in analyzing teaching enhance their teaching effectiveness.
  • Beginning teachers move through well-delineated stages of development from day-to-day survival through concerns about managing responsibilities to concerns about the impact of their teaching to raising questions about their profession.
  • Beginning teachers develop observation and analytic strategies to enhance their teaching effectiveness.
  • Beginning teachers develop their own teaching styles over time.
  • Beginning teachers develop active listening and consultation skills.
  • Beginning teachers are committed to an ethos of collegial reflective practice.
Role of the School Administrator
The role of the school administrator is key in developing a mentorship program and facilitating  the process of mentorship within the school.

School-Based Mentor Handbook

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