The Peace River School Division is committed to promoting safe, healthy, learning and working environments for students, staff, volunteers, visitors, and contractors. Our commitment is based on the philosophy that Health and Safety excellence is a value expected of the organization, its management and employees. By supporting and implementing these values with diligence, Peace River School Division will strive to create an environment in which health and safety always comes first.

Our vision statement is: First choice for students: we are a dynamic learning community focused on student success. Students are our top priority and our collective purpose is to help students to achieve success. Through working and learning together, we ensure all elements of safe and caring environments are in place through strategic planning, school and divisional practices, policies and professional development opportunities. We fully understand the role safety plays in the education of our youth and know that our working and learning environments have a fundamental impact on student success, today and in the future.

Thank you for your support in safe and caring practices in the division and working together to ensure all students are provided with safe and caring places to grow and learn.

A Better Place To Learn And Work

Our division is fully committed to the health and safety of all faculty, staff, students and visitors. We believe that occupant safety and a healthy environment make the divisional schools a better place to learn and work.

PublicSchoolWORKS is an effective tool to promote a safe and healthy school environment by providing and coordinating programs and services that minimize health and safety risks to the district community.

Please join me in using this service to make our schools safer. Take the time to become familiar with the services provided, including support through the hotline 1-866-724-6650.

Thanks for your support!
Paul Bennett
Superintendent of Schools
Peace River School Division