Electoral Boundary Maps

PRSD's Electoral Ward Boundaries

Ward 1 - Red Earth Creek, Nampa, Peace River Area (VIEW)
Ward 2 - Peace River and Rural Peace River (VIEW
Ward 3- Rural Peace River, Weberville, Dixonville, Deadwood, Manning, Hawk Hills (VIEW)
Ward 4- Peace River, Rural Peace River, Grimshaw and Shaftsbury (VIEW)
(VIEW map that shows all wards that include Peace River - Wards 1-4)
Ward 5- Grimshaw, Rural Grimshaw, Rural Fairview, Berwyn, Brownvale, Whitelaw, Bluesky and Deer Hills (VIEW
Ward 6- Fairview and Rural Fairview (VIEW
Ward 7- Hines Creek, Rural Hines Creek, Worsley, Bear Canyon, Cleardale and Clear Hills Area (VIEW

Access links to view all seven ward electoral ward boundary maps in more detail HERE