Early Entrance

Early Entrance may be approved for children who turn five years old between September 1 and December 31 of the school year they register for kindergarten. Contact your local school for more information.


Early Learning Programming is available for children who have severe disabilities and delays. Early Learning programming is offered at every PRSD school and is available as early as age two. Please contact your local school or PRSD’s Early Learning Coordinator at 780-624-3650 ext. 33314 for more information.

Early entry to PRSD’s Early Learning and Kindergarten programs is available as early as age two. Early Learning programs are offered at every PRSD school and are designed to support students who have been identified by Alberta Health Services with severe disabilities and delays. 

All of PRSD’s Kindergarten and Early Learning programs offer specialized support for students with delays or special needs.

Please contact your local school or PRSD’s Early Learning Coordinator at 780-624-3650 ext. 33314 for more information. 


Early Childhood Development Programming Peace River School Division (PRSD) continues to work with Alberta Education to offer inclusive Early Childhood Intervention supports for young children prior to kindergarten age.  This collaborative effort results in flexible and responsive programs in schools throughout the division.  Early intervention is available to children with a severe diagnosis at age three as of September 1 of a school year and at age four with a mild/moderate diagnosis.  The inclusive program helps a child with a disability to build knowledge and skills.  "I smile and learn with each child I work within our school," is a repeated statement by early intervention staff.  PRSD follows the guidelines and regulations set out by Alberta Education to enable and promote opportunities for families of three and four year olds to obtain specialized services at a local school.


Eligibility for early entrance prior to kindergarten is determined by a qualified professional such as a speech pathologist or medical doctor.  Parents, teachers and outside agencies share information to determine an early entrant's strengths and needs as an individual learner.  Young children may have challenges or delays in their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, language or behavioral learning compared to typical peers.  "We are here to support growth and confidence in all children," state staff.  Goals for each child are established and developed throughout the year.  Peace Collaborative Services staff work for PRSD to offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and educational psychology.  The school-based and division level Learning Services Team members collaborate to build capacity for success of all early learning programs.  In PRSD, young learners are active partners in education - learning while playing, developing, and gaining skills.


Early learning is flourishing in all Peace River School Division (PRSD) schools.  Eligible children for whom programming is requested enjoy experiences in an inclusive setting.  Celebrate and embrace the opportunity to have your child participate in a PRSD inclusive early intervention program!  To partner with us and access the services for your child, contact your local school or call PRSD office at780.624.3601 and ask for the Early Learning coordinator.