Is my Child Eligible to Ride the School Bus?

The Government of Alberta funds School Boards to provide transportation to a resident student, if the resident student resides more than 2.4 km from their designated school.  In addition, the Government of Alberta does not require School Boards to transport students residing less than 2.4 km from their designated school.   However, Peace River School Division, in co-operative agreements with Holy Family Catholic Regional Division, Grande Prairie Catholic School District and Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest will transport the student less than 2.4 km from their designated school if room is available on the school bus and they purchase a bus pass.


  • Designated school - the school in which a Board, not a parent, has directed a resident student
  • Resident student – a student within the Board/Divisional boundary, in which the student’s parent resides

Please note: if each parent is a resident of a different school district or division, the parents shall choose in writing their primary division/district.


To improve parents waiting times during August & September the Transportation Department is now accepting bus registrations for the 2019-2020 school year.

  1. If the child is already registered on the bus, you are not required to re-register unless the pickup location has changed.  This includes out of boundary (some conditions apply), bus pass and interschool students. This will reduce the amount of registrations we receive where students are already registered on the school bus.
  2. If you are required to purchase a bus pass through SchoolCash, bus service will be provided for those who pay or schedule their fees by June 29th.  Anyone who purchases a bus pass after July 1st, will be put in a queue and dealt with in the order the registration/fees were received.  If parents are encountering financial hardships a Waiver of Fees Application must be submitted to their Division’s Central Office for approval.  Please allow time for processing.  Any rejected fees that occur throughout the school year, may result in their services being discontinued.
  3. All other students who are currently not registered on the school bus are advised to fill out a registration form at our online website, BusPlanner under the 2019-2020 School Year.  If your child is new to the region, please contact our office, as you not be able to fill out the registration form online.
  4. If you’re unsure if your child is still registered on a bus, you can login into BusPlanner.  If you see walking directions to the school, the child is not registered on a bus.  If the bus stop information is indicated, your child is registered on a bus.  Note that parents will need to fill out a new registration form, if their busing information needs to be changed.

We hope that the procedures indicated will help reduce the stress of an already, very chaotic time of year!

Kindly note that the Student Transportation Office remains open during July and August.

Transportation for Currenlty Enrolled Students

Bus registration form does not work with Safari please use Google Chrome or Explorer

  • All currently enrolled students can utilize the online bus registration form by clicking on   at and selecting which year they require the bus registration.  Once in the BusPlanner website, click on the yellow box "Parents - Login Here"
  • The 'Student Busing Information'  screen will prompt you for your child's information, make sure you check off that you are "not a robot" and click 'Sign In'
  • Click on the tabs to make sure your information is accurate
  • To update any information regarding your child, click on the Forms tab, and enter your updated information
  • Click submit for your registration to be placed into the queue
  • Watch your email for further instructions after you have submitted your bus registration

Students new to the area will be required to contact the Transportation Department in order to fill out the registration form.


Registering for the Upcoming School Year?  Click HERE


Out of Boundary Students (also known as School of Choice)

As per the Student Transportation Regulations of Alberta, if a student is enrolled in a school but does not reside in the attendance/transportation service for that school, the student or the parent shall provide transportation of the student:

  • to and from the school attended, or
  • to and from a designated stop on a bus route in the transportation service area for that school, or
    • between the site of the school and a point nearest the students residence on a bus route in the transportation service area for that school

To see which School Attendance/Transportation boundary you reside in, enter your physical address from our BusPlanner website  after clicking on the “Which School Attendance/Transportation Boundary do I reside in?” link

Out of boundary students will no longer be required to register annually unless their residence affects routing.  Those affected, will be sent correspondence in May/June to register on BusPlanner for approval, before they are permitted to ride the school bus. 

Please note a bus pass fee will be charged if the child resides less than 2.4 km from their designated school.


2019-2020 Bus Pass Fees PRSD has been able to maintain this rate since 2013!

Per Student                        $450.00*

Family Rate (3+)                $1,125.00

*This annual rate is approximately $2.50/day to transport a student to and from school


Full payments are encouraged, however, if you require an installment plan, the option is only available on SchoolCash.

Method of payments accepted on SchoolCash are:

  • Visa – Mastercard – Debit - VisaDebit

A computer is available at each school and at the Transportation Office for parents to access SchoolCash.  

Only Cash is accepted at the Transportation Office and payment must be made in FULL.

Instructions for SchoolCash Online are available by clicking instructions.

If you are encountering financial hardship, please contact the school’s Divisional Office or the School your child attends:

  • Peace River School Division - Waiver of Fees – 780-624-3601
  • Holy Family Catholic Regional  Division – 780-624-3956
  • Grande Prairie Catholic School District – 780-532-3013
  • Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest – 780-624-8855

Students will be unable to board the school bus until payment has been scheduled in SchoolCash or paid in FULL at the Transportation Office.

Interschool (Crosstown) Busing

  • Effective the 2018-2019 School Year, parents will NOT be required to register ANNUALLY  for interschool busing.  The student will rollover to the next school year until parents no longer require this service, if the service is to and from home.  If the service is being used for extra-curricular, your child may be retired from the stop.  Check BusPlanner to see what stops your child has been assigned to.
  • Since interschool busing is a FREE service offered by the Board/Division for the students to be transported from one school to another school within the same community, please contact the Transportation Department if this service is no longer required, as typically there is a waiting list.
  • Interschool is offered only if room permits 
  • To register for interschool busing please register from the 'Parents & Students' icon at and indicate interschool required under the  “Alternate/Interschool” (you'll need the physical address of where your child is going to, otherwise the form will not submit)

Helpful Hints

  • Our registration process is now online where you can register in the convenience of your own home 24/7
  • During our peak times (mid-August to mid-October) and at the end of each month, please register 5-10 business days ahead of time to avoid any service delays
  • Know your rural emergency address (blue or green sign at the end of your driveway) or civic/physical address (10501 88 St) for the registration process.  Apologies as our software program does not accept legal land locations (NE32 82 24 W5).  This is to ensure we register your child on the correct bus and receive the correct amount of funding from the Government of Alberta
  • If your child has any special needs, medical or behavioural conditions, please advise our office so we can make any special arrangements
  • If you are purchasing a bus pass please make sure you have your credit card or banking information available to enter on our secure webpage
  • Show your child where his or her bus stop is located and how to get there.  If parents are not comfortable with allowing their child to walk alone to and from the stop, parents may want to seek arrangements for a bus buddy from their neighbourhood
  • A bus driver is only permitted to let students off at their designated stop unless written documentation has been authorized from the school 
  • Bus Drivers are not permitted to relocate stops.  The School Board has set out criteria in which the Department is required to follow, when stops are being created
  • School bus delays and cancellations may be viewed by visiting  or any school website by clicking on the “Routes” icon at the top of their webpages.  You may also include your email for a subscription to any school bus Delays & Cancellations
  • For further information on Transportation Services, please refer to the Peace River School website or call (780) 624-3006 or toll free 1-800-816-4711