Hiring Bus Drivers

Peace River School Division is seeking School Bus Drivers throughout the Division. Applicants begin earning wages immediately, and Class 2 training is provided at no cost! Many parents can enjoy the benefits of bringing their pre-school children on the bus, while they earn full-time wages with a part time career. A class 5 license is the minimum requirement to begin training.  Enjoy the gratifying rewards thousands of School Bus Drivers experience each day. Join this team of Professional Drivers by calling 624-3006 or fax your resume to  624-4406.

Bus Driver Staffing Strategy

Over the past few years, the Division has noted a decrease in the number of Substitute Drivers available to cover routes. This has been exacerbated due to drivers on medical leave or permanently leaving part way through the year. The consequence, in some cases, has been the cancellation of  routes and occassionally, cancellations of daily trips.  
In an effort to address this situation, the Transportation Department has implemented recruitment and retainment strategies.

Training Costs

Costs for training are considered in two parts: costs for license, medical, and testing, as well as the salary costs for the training period.
The costs for license, medical, and testing are to be reimbursed as a signing bonus based on the following:

Substitute Driver: Drive ten times AND remain a minimum three months with the Divisionas an active Driver.
Permanent Driver: End of probationary status.

 The cost to cover training hours, to a maximum of twenty-five hours, is based on the following:

Substitute Driver: Drive an additional ten times AND remain for an additional three months with the Division as an active Driver.
Permanent Driver: End of probationary status

Pre-School Children

One area that attracts Drivers is allowing their pre-school children on the bus.  This allows parents with younger children to drive. The anecdotal evidence shows that we lose potential Substitute and Permanent Drivers due to the lack of child care within our Division. The qualifications for allowing this are:

  • Child must be of the age and size to allow for forward facing seats
  • Driver is to supply the child seat, as well as the documentation showing the seat may be used for the purposed intended
  • Transportation Department approves the allowance of a pre-school child on a case-by-case basis and will consider factors such as length of the route, type of route (town or rural travel), age of the child, behaviour of the child during travel, and impact to students
  • Transportation Department may reassess the same factors at any time and can ask the driver to cease bringing a pre-school child on the bus without notice
Referral bonus

There is currently a bonus to employees who actively recruit a new driver, either licensed or unlicensed. The incentive is based on the following:

  • Incentive is $200 for each driver referred, paid to the staff person that made the referral
  • Driver cannot have worked for the Division in the past
  • Substitute Driver: Drive twenty times AND remain a minimum of six months with the Division as an active Driver
  • Permanent Driver: End of probationary status
Internal Recruitment

We also like to offer Educational Assistants the ability to drive bus. Anecdotal evidence shows that  employees do succeed as both an Educational Assistant and as a Bus Driver.

We would like to request that Administrators assist the Division by encouraging Support Staff to consider this as an option.  Administrators are asked to provide the commitment that sufficient time will be made available for transportation duties. This has the added benefit of having Support Staff on site with a Class 2 license.

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