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Curriculum Implementation

Dates and plans for implementation of new curriculum.

Curriculum Redesign

Alberta Education is currently redesigning its curriculum standards to ensure that Alberta’s new Kindergarten to Grade 12 digital curriculum will be built on a foundation of literacy and numeracy and focus on the cross-curricular competencies that students will need to demonstrate in order to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future. Implementation dates for new programs of study will be determined in collaboration with stakeholders and will include determining stakeholder readiness and supports for implementation of new programs of study.

Learning Commons/School Libraries

As learning environments change, school libraries must evolve from providing information to students to preparing students as engaged critical thinkers, evaluators, ethical users and entrepreneurial creators of information and knowledge.

To access specific Information Specialist information  

To access a Learning Commons Informational Guide created for PRSD

Some ideas for creating a Learning Commons at your school and for informing staff, students and parents

Provincial Achievement Test Information

This section contains information for students, parents, teachers and administrators concerning Achievement tests in grades 3, 6 and 9, including the General Information Bulletin, Subject Bulletins, Released Materials, Student Writing Examples and Quest A+.

Student Learning Assessments (SLAs)

The new Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) contribute to realizing the vision of Inspiring Education by enabling parents and teachers to be aware of a child’s strengths or areas needing improvement at the start of the school year. The new SLAs will support student learning while more effectively assessing literacy, numeracy, and competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to apply knowledge to different scenarios. Alberta Education, in partnership with classroom teachers, is developing the new SLAs. They will be administered at the start of grades 3, 6, and 9.

Diploma Exam Information

This section contains information for students, parents, teachers and administrators concerning Diploma Examinations for Grade 12 students, including the General Information Bulletin, Subject Information Bulletins, Highlights and Updates, Released Materials, Student Writing Examples, Science Data Booklets and Sample Questions and Exemplars.

Grade Level of Achievement Provincial Information and Resources

Alberta Education does not require school boards to collect and submit Grade Level of Achievement (GLA) data to Alberta Education as a way of reporting to the province on how well students are learning. Instead, schools will report GLA at the local level to parents with the final report card.

Online Education

There is a growing trend of top colleges and universities now incorporating online options into their curriculum. Some sites that provide resources for students, educators and their families include: