Assessment - Practice

Divisional Elementary Report Card Teacher Handbook

Part I: Overview of Divisional Elementary Report Card

100 Purposes and Intent of Report Card

    Why a Divisional Report Card?

    What is an Outcome-based Report Card?

200 Glossary of Divisional Elementary Report Card Language

Part II: PRSD Assessment Practices and Reporting

300 Assessment Guidelines

301 How Teachers and Schools Communicate about Student Achievement

302 Administrative Procedure (AP) 360 Communication of Student Assessment         Definitions & Procedures

303 AP 360 Appendix 360 Division Testing Schedule

400 About Individual Program Plans (IPPs) and Grade Level of Achievement (GLA)

4.1 PRSD Definition of Individual Program Plans (AP 213)

4.2 PRSD AP 213 Appendix Indivdual Program Plans

500 Learner Attributes and Descriptions

600 Achievement Indicators and Effort Codes

700 Reliable and Valid Evidence of Learning

800 Use of Rating Scales vs Percentage System

801 AP 360 Assessment & Communication of Student Learning                                                 (See Communication 2.5 p 5 of 11)

900 Assessment Supports and Samples Table of Contents

901 Collection of Samples, Rubrics, Assessment Resources in Teacher Handbook

Part III: Maplewood ConnectEd Process Guide

Appendix 13: Process Guide Table of Contents and Teacher Handbook

Part IV: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Table of Contents


Part V: Credits and Contributing Members